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How Feeling Grateful Can Improve Your Health

| Emotional Health, Gratitude | No Comments

Each spring the Heathrow Country Club hosts a tennis tournament for the women of Central Florida. Altogether nearly 150 tennis enthusiasts play in the week-long tournament where much of the proceeds…


Athlete’s Best Vitality Force May Extend Telomeres

| Research | No Comments

In a follow-up article to “Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus May Extend Telomeres”, new research suggests that the key factor of Athlete’s Best Vitality Force, may also play a huge…


Athlete’s Best Omega 3s May Extend Telomeres

| Research | No Comments

The benefits of omega-3s are endless, but more and more research is coming out in regards to how they may extend the life of telomeres. Why is this important you…

"Super Health Nation's protocols have helped me continue to play the game of tennis competitively, at the age of 84! I follow their recommendations for clean air, clean water, nutrition, and believe me, it works!"

− Fred W., Lake Mary FL

"You have no idea how encouraged I am after talking with Dr. Jim. He was so encouraging which has made me very hopeful. Sure appreciate you and your efforts"

− Joel

"How nice of you!!! Thank you so much for the personal note and I will continue to purchase as your Customer Service is A+, and the product (Vitality Force) is amazing as well!!! I have my entire family taking it daily as a healthy supplement! :)"

− Beth L.